Plenty of changes for gun shop owners after Newtown shooting

Frank Gerstenkorn's gun shop in Cheyenne, Wy.

After the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., there's been national discussion around gun policy. Sen. Dianne Feinstein is planning to reintroduce the assault weapons ban during the next Congress.

And for gun shop owners across America, that could mean some changes in the way they do business.

Frank Gerstenkorn is the owner of Guns & Gear, a gun shop in Cheyenne, Wy. There's a rush from customers to buy guns in case any legislation banning guns gets put into place.

"Product has been flying off the shelves," Gerstenkorn says.

In his own shop, assault guns account for about 20 percent of his business. But even if assault weapons are banned, he says there's still ways to stay profitable.

"We have to make internal adjustments and have to emphasize other parts of the shooting industry," he says. "There may not be a way to make as much money, but you'll stay very busy." 

Note that Gerstenkorn says he doesn't believe in a ban on assault weapons -- he says they should be protected under the Second Amendment.

"Let's not call them 'assault' weapons because that's not what they are. I've got a pencil in my pocket. That's an assault weapon."

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That is a sickening question, but considering people of socialist governments murdered somewhere north of 150,000,000 of their own citizens in the 20th Century, I should not be surprised the question came from somebody self-identified as a socialist.

That said, remember that Lanza was a child, mentally and physically, and completely untrained.

While I do not think that it will ever happen, a trained U.S. Marine could have topped Lanza with just bare hands and against only adults. I don't want to imagine what one could do with a pencil against children and teachers. Any member of any of the services' Special Forces could double the number of dead. (Just saying that makes me ill, and I mean no disparagement of those serving!)) So unless YOU are a Marine or member of Special Forces, please be quiet. Mr. Gerstenkorn was entirely factual.

Jeremy, you shouldn't let people you interview get away with making such stupid, disingenuous remarks as Frank did. The correct response to "I've got a pencil. That's an assault weapon." is "How many six-year-olds do you think you could kill with that pencil in, say, ten minutes?" Yes, it would embarrass him. It's a shameful false equivalency. He should be ashamed for making it.

And you should be ashamed for letting it slide the way you did.

If Frank is equating an AR15 with the pencil in his pocket, then is he not also saying that he believes that Adam Lanza would have killed 28 adults and children with a only a pencil? He would never have tried such an act without the the power and spectacle his assault weapon could produce.


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