Ackman out at JCPenney, Icahn investing in Apple?

Carl Icahn is seen being interviewed at 'David Moore's Funny Business Show.'

This final note on the way out, which comes with the observation that it's been a busy day for what're commonly called "activist investors."

First, a guy named Bill Ackman, who runs a hedge fund called Pershing Square Capital Management, was squeezed off the board of JCPenney this morning. It's a kind of inside baseball thing involving who's gonna actually run the struggling retailer, but it does get me to the juicy bit of today's activist shareholder news.

Carl Icahn -- activist-shareholder extraordinaire -- tweeted this this afternoon:






Icahn apparently wants the company to buy back more of its stock, which -- on the news that Icahn's in the game -- rose almost 5 percent today.



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