New Yorkers brave the morning commute after Hurricane Irene

Aug 29, 2011
Businesses and public transportation were shut down over the weekend. Now that Hurricane Irene has passed by New York, is it back to business as usual?
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Houston wants to turn off red light cameras

Aug 19, 2011
Frustrated Houston residents want traffic light cameras to disappear. This follows L.A.'s decision last month to switch off its cameras
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HP's webOS reaches up from the grave with a pitch to carmakers

Aug 16, 2011
This from producer and Palm owner Larissa Anderson:...
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New plane could take you from New York to LA in 12 minutes

Aug 11, 2011
Today the U.S. Defense Advance Research Projects Agency tests the Falcon HTV-2, a new plane that can fly 4 miles per SECOND. "The Falcon started...
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The U.S. Department of Transportation is serious about cybersecurity

Aug 4, 2011
On Wednesday, the Department of Transportation officially asked the security community for "informed views on the perceived needs, prevailing pra...
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D.C. Metro's escalators cause transit nightmare

Aug 2, 2011
Only 60 percent of the Metro's 600 escalators in Washington, D.C. are functioning at any one time, adding an obstacle to riders' commutes
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The growing influence of low-cost "curbside" bus service

Aug 1, 2011
A new study shows that intra-city bus lines like BoltBus and Megabus are stealing passengers from Amtrak and even airlines.
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More toll roads and higher tolls for U.S. drivers

Jul 29, 2011
Cities across the nation are opening more toll roads and raising prices at existing ones to help supplement tight budgets.
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Chinese bullet train disaster clouds future sales

Jul 27, 2011
Public outrage erupted in China after a deadly crash between two high-speed trains this past weekend
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Cell phones are a huge road hazard

Jul 8, 2011
Did we know this? Yes we knew this. But did we know cell phones are being blamed for up to 25% of all U.S. car crashes? Yikes. This, according to a...
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