The end of phosphorus

Sep 12, 2011
A key ingredient in fertilizer, phosphorus is becoming more rare, more expensive -- which is stimulating some innovative ways to find more.
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Security costs skyrocketed in private sector after 9/11

Sep 7, 2011
It's estimated that U.S. private businesses have spent at least an extra $10 billion a year on security since 9/11, for even the least expected sort of threats.
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Texas drought means higher beef prices

Sep 2, 2011
Prices will rise for ground beef first, then steaks, as ranchers begin culling their herds due to extreme drought.
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Hot temps melt away Texas' agriculture business

Aug 22, 2011
Record heat has Texas farmers and ranchers scrambling to stay in business.
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Mixed outlook for nation's farmers

Aug 15, 2011
As extreme weather drives up commodities prices, it's translating into higher prices for consumers and more profits for unaffected farmers.
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Oklahoma drought brings record number of cattle to auction

Aug 5, 2011
But southeastern farmers -- who just got out of a drought themselves -- are now looking to replenish their herds
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Fishermen become farmers at 'Cod Academy'

Jul 28, 2011
Aquaculture is gaining popularity. Now there's a program in Maine to teach old fishermen a new trick: fish farming.
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Inventor develops low-maintenance grass seed

Jul 19, 2011
He says his lawns require no fertilizer and little watering. Homeowners and others see it as a way to save money.
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Orange juice prices near two-year high

Jul 15, 2011
Pestilence and mother nature damage orange crops in Florida and Brazil, raising juice prices to near their historic high.
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Rooster feathers prized by fishermen are now popular in hair salons

Jul 4, 2011
Competition between anglers and stylists threatens a shortage of rooster feathers. Producers look to boost supply.
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