Strong dollar is squeezing profits from this Washington farmer's exports

Jul 21, 2022
Patrick Smith, CEO of Loftus Ranches, is fighting inflation as well. Some fertilizer materials have nearly doubled in a year or two, he says.
"Beer is still good business," says Patrick Smith, CEO of Loftus Ranches in Yakima, Washington. Above, fresh hops from a California farm.
Katherine Garrova/Marketplace

China's big savers weather pandemic uncertainty

Jun 16, 2020
The communist government is not handing out cash to struggling workers. Many have to depend on themselves.
Zhang Lei manages an entertainment center in Shanghai, and for four months, he was not sure whether he would still have a job or not.
Charles Zhang/Marketplace

Workers see sluggish wage gains with fewer hours on the job

Feb 7, 2020
Average weekly earnings give a snapshot of how much workers are taking home in their paychecks.
Joe Raedle/Newsmakers

Let’s do the numbers: CEOs still make way more money than you

Jul 12, 2016
CEOs made 276 times more than a typical worker in 2015. And, that’s actually a lower ratio than the year before.
The Board of Directors of Fisons Ltd, manufacturers of fertilizers, attend a meeting in the company's boardroom in 1960. A new study shows the ratio of CEO pay to worker compensation went from 20-to-1 in 1965 to 276-to-1 in 2015.
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A backlash may be brewing against no-tipping policies

Jun 9, 2016
It turns out diners like being able to reward staff themselves.
A dish at Sushi Yasuda in New York, a restaurant with service-included prices.

Cost of saving factory jobs via lower wages

Jan 7, 2015
Employment in auto industry's at pre-recession levels but jobs aren't same quality.