Why washing machines want to tug at your heartstrings

Aug 27, 2019
Laura Bliss of CityLab explains why appliance manufacturers are investing in their alert sounds and jingles.
Appliance makers are trying to build brand loyalty by improving the sounds their machines make, says Laura Bliss of CityLab.
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For U.S. companies, costs are rising. This is how tariffs work.

Jul 25, 2018
General Motors shares tumbled Wednesday as the company cited rising steel and aluminum costs as one reason for a smaller profit forecast. GM is not alone. Whirlpool, Coca-Cola and others are starting to tell the story of pain from the steel and aluminum tariffs in earnings reports, price projections and CEO interviews. None of this […]

Whirlpool feels the benefit, and burden, of Trump administration tariffs

Apr 20, 2018
Critics of President Donald Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs say the policies hurt U.S. manufacturers that use a lot of those materials. And one industry likely to feel the pinch of higher production costs: home appliance manufacturers. Still, at least one major domestic appliance company, Whirlpool Corp., may come out ahead, thanks to another protective […]
Whirlpool appliances are offered for sale alongside other brands at a Home Depot store on October 24, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois.
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