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Water contamination in Black communities doesn't stop at Flint or Jackson

Jun 19, 2023
"When I was traveling throughout the South, I visited 11 cities. Every single city had water problems, had a water boil notice within the last year, or had reported having brown water trickling through their faucets," said reporter Adam Mahoney.
A resident of Beaumont, Texas looks on as the city attempts to flush out contamination from its water lines.
Courtesy Adam Mahoney

In buildings closed by virus, stagnant water can become dangerous

May 27, 2020
Flushing toilets while buildings are empty is essential to safeguard plumbing systems from harmful bacteria.
Maintenance crews flush toilets and run sinks daily in schools and other closed buildings.
George Frey/Getty Images

Corporate infighting leaves New Jersey residents unsure who will clean up chemical contamination

Jul 18, 2019
Corporate infighting in an environmental liability suit has residents of a New Jersey township worried if their soil and water will be cleaned up.
WILMINGTON, DE - DECEMBER 11: Dupont corporate headquarters as seen in 2015 in Wilmington, Delaware
Mark Makela/Getty Images

Flint isn't the only city with lead poisoning problems

Dec 19, 2016
A Reuters investigation found thousands of areas with higher lead levels.
Brysten Edwards, second from left sits with other boys on a wall ledge at the West Calumet Housing Complex on September 4, 2016 in East Chicago, Indiana. The soil at the complex has been found to contain high levels of lead and arsenic putting all residents in danger if exposed to the elements. Edwards was tested for lead poisoning and his results came back positive. Over 1,000 residents are being asked by the East Chicago Housing Authority to relocate, after plans were decided to demolish the housing complex.
Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Flint schools face a long-term lead problem

Jan 28, 2016
Flint's public schools already faced a $10 million budget deficit before the lead crisis.
Justin Roberson, age 6, and Mychal Adams, age 1, wait on a stack of bottled water at the Heavenly Host Baptist Church January 17, 2016 in Flint, Michigan.
Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

One family's struggles with Flint's water problems

Jan 14, 2016
Lead and copper contamination has sparked disease and devastation in the city of Flint

Contaminated river leaves businesses at a standstill

Aug 11, 2015
Rafting companies along the Animas are facing the effects of the mine spill.

For public good, not for profit.

'No one will declare the water safe' in West Virginia

Feb 12, 2014
Residents and business owners continue to use bottled water in wake of last month's chemical oil spill

Details emerge about the company behind the chemical spill in West Virginia

Jan 13, 2014
After a chemical spill last week, West Virginia is working to flush away contaminants in the water. But where is the regulation?