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Treating wastewater at the bottom of the world

Aug 8, 2017
"Just like the children's book 'Everyone Poops,' it's definitely the ultimate in job security."
Jeanne Sabin riding snowmobiles on Ross Island. 
Photo Courtesy Jeanne Sabin

The underground story of what happens to wastewater

Feb 1, 2016
Conserving water in drought areas actually makes treating wastewater more difficult.
 A wastewater treatment plant is inundated by the Yazoo River floodwaters near Yazoo City, Mississippi.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Using sewage to measure habits in the legal pot market

Jul 13, 2015
Think of it like an anonymous, communitywide drug test.

What's the history of sewage treatment? How do biosolids fit in?

Aug 2, 2010
The circle of life. Milorganite pellets (photo above) are made from recycled waste, aka biosolids, and used to help fertilize crops and improve l...