After a judge paused the University of California strike, questions about "no strike" provisions remain

Jun 14, 2024
The UC system argues that the strikes violated the union contract's "no strike" provision. But workers may have the right to violate no strike agreements in certain cases.
Above, UAW-represented academic workers at UCLA strike on May 28. A judge has temporarily halted the strike.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

UAW to be put to the test this week in Alabama Mercedes-Benz union vote

May 13, 2024
Starting Monday, around 5,200 workers at a Mercedes-Benz assembly-and-battery complex near Tuscaloosa, Alabama, will begin voting on whether to join the UAW.
Above, people celebrate at a United Auto Workers vote watch party on April 19, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
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Auto workers union drive heads south

May 7, 2024
The United Auto Workers are getting pushback from Southern Republicans, but gains in Detroit are driving interest in Alabama and elsewhere.
An office in a strip mall is headquarters for UAW organizing at the Mercedes-Benz complex in Vance, Alabama.
Mitchell Hartman/Marketplace

Why some college athletes want to unionize

Feb 7, 2024
A regional director of the National Labor Relations Board has ruled that Dartmouth's men's basketball players are employees who can form a union.
Players on the Dartmouth Big Green basketball team filed a petition to unionize in the fall. Above, the Dartmouth Big Green basketball team in 2021.
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Will labor unions maintain their momentum in 2024?

Dec 28, 2023
Unions are more visible and vocal than they've been in decades. If the labor market remains tight, they'll have negotiating leverage.
A United Auto Workers union hall in Chicago. The UAW's coordinated work stoppages made headlines and produced results in 2023.
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How important is a "ratification vote" in union contracts?

Nov 13, 2023
Union members from the auto industry to Hollywood actors are currently taking the votes. They are more than a rubber-stamping process.
Picket signs for a United Auto Workers rally in October. The UAW is among major unions to reach tentative contracts with employers.
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In California, child care providers unionized for better pay and retirement benefits

Oct 31, 2023
California is one of 11 states that allows in-home child care providers to bargain collectively. This year, the union that represents 40,000 of these workers in that state won big in their fight for better pay and benefits. 
Patricia Moran plays with two children at her child care facility in San Jose on Oct. 2.
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For public good, not for profit.

More workers move to create unions — but that doesn't always mean more members

Oct 16, 2023
Petitioning for union representation is just the first step in forming a union, and not all efforts make it to the finish line.
The National Labor Relations Board has seen an uptick in petitions but is being strained by the larger workload, said the agency’s general counsel.
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Former Yellow drivers have trouble finding jobs in right-to-work Tennessee

Oct 3, 2023
Nashville's Yellow Freight — one of the only union shops in trucking — shut down operations in August, leaving 30,000 people without work.
In the months before Yellow’s closure, the company's relationship with the Teamsters union had already soured, a former Yellow driver says.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Autoworkers union pushes for 32 hour workweek

Aug 28, 2023
It may be a strategy to cope with the electric vehicle transition.
UAW President Shawn Fain speaks to members at an event in Warren, Michigan. The UAW's contract with the Big Three automakers is set to expire in just a few weeks.
Jeff Kowalski/AFP via Getty Images