Expanded COVID-19 unemployment money is helping millions of workers pay their bills

Jul 9, 2020
The extra $600 every week is set to run out at the end of this month.
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Layoffs stuck at high level as 1.3 million seek jobless aid

Jul 9, 2020
The six states that have had to reverse business reopenings make up one-third of the economy.
The persistently elevated level of layoffs are occurring as a spike in virus cases has forced six states to reverse their move to reopen businesses.
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About a third of companies cut employee pay in response to COVID-19, survey finds

Jul 8, 2020
More than half of the companies making cuts say they helped avoid layoffs, for now.
Of the companies that cut employee pay in response to the pandemic, over half of them say cuts allowed them to avoid layoffs.
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How the UK has kept unemployment down — for now

Jul 7, 2020
So far, the nation's businesses have avoided laying off 9.3 million workers.
Government furlough programs and business loan and grant schemes allowed U.K. companies to keep their staff on their payrolls even if their doors were shut.
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Despite June's bullish employment numbers, the job market is reeling — and will be for a while

Jul 2, 2020
Employment remains below pre-pandemic levels, and as recently reopened businesses re-close, more job losses are on the way.
A grocery store employee cleans carts for customers in New York. Low-wage workers are disproportionately affected by the suffering job market.
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Summer looks different for musicians this year

Jul 2, 2020
More than three months into the pandemic, we check in with Chicago musician Seth Shulman.
A stage in Las Vegas in 2015. In 2020, it's hard for musicians to find performance venues.
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Unemployment dropped again in June. But the numbers are from before renewed COVID-19 shutdowns.

In other words, these June numbers might not tell the whole story as the U.S. sees unprecedented numbers of COVID-19 infections.
The unemployment rate has dropped to 11%. And 4.8 million more people were on American payrolls in June compared to May.
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Miscalculation of unemployment data not easy to fix

Jul 1, 2020
The Bureau of Labor Statistics said it might have been undercounting the number of workers classified as "unemployed on temporary layoff."
Hundreds of unemployed Kentucky residents wait in long lines for help with unemployment claims in June.
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When $600-a-week pandemic unemployment checks run out, what then?

Jun 30, 2020
If Congress doesn't act, Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation is set to expire on July 31.
A Florida resident receives an unemployment insurance application in April. Many recipients could be shocked if the temporary extra benefit terminates at the end of July.
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The Fed says big banks have passed their COVID-era stress tests

Jun 25, 2020
But the central bank is putting a stop to share buybacks and limiting bank dividends.
The Federal Reserve Building in Washington, D.C. The stress test the Fed created this year envisioned 10% unemployment. The current rate is 14%.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images