Here’s why bond yields are rising

Feb 6, 2018
When investors pull their money out of stocks and need some place to put it, they often turn to the bond market. U.S. Treasuries are considered essentially risk-free. So investors can park their cash, earn some interest and know their money will be kept safe and sound. As investors moved money from stocks to bonds […]

Negative yields may be good for U.S. borrowers

Jul 13, 2016
Germany’s latest auction of 10-year notes could stimulate sales of U.S. bonds.
A statue of the first United States Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton stands in front of the U.S. Treasury. Negative yields overseas may be pushing investors toward Treasury bonds.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Why a corporation's "inversion" matters to taxpayers

Apr 5, 2016
The Treasury Department issues new rules to deter U.S. corporations from merging with foreign companies for tax purposes.
President Barack Obama delivers a statement on the economy at the James Brady Press Briefing of the White House April 5, 2016 in Washington, DC. President Obama made a statement in response to the Treasury Department announcement on corporate tax inversions that would stop companies from avoid U.S. taxes by moving their tax base overseas. 
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The government could run out of money in late October

Sep 11, 2015
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warns Congress about failure to raise the debt limit.

Flush with cash, Freddie Mac keeps paying the Treasury

Aug 4, 2015
The mortgage giant will pay the government another $3.9 billion in September.

Re-thinking the boring bond

May 12, 2015
Dissecting the bond market's "conga line of ramifications."

Does the U.S. government live paycheck to paycheck?

Jan 23, 2014
More like payday loan to payday loan.

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Investors love government floaters

Dec 2, 2013
What are floating-rate notes? And why are investors excited for the Treasury to start issuing them?
The U.S. Treasury will start issuing floating-rate notes next year.
Florian Hirzinger/Creative Commons

A debt-ceiling roadmap to ruin?

Oct 15, 2013
The paydays that could prompt a government default if a debt-ceiling deal collapses.

It's all about the (new) Benjamins: A new $100

Oct 8, 2013
Despite the government shutdown, a new $100 bill begins circulating on Tuesday.