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Biden announces his "economic think tank"

Nov 30, 2020
The picks for the Council of Economic Advisers are a diverse group. If confirmed, Cecilia Rouse will be the first Black woman to lead the council.
President-elect Joe Biden has selected several labor economists for his economic team.
Mark Makela/Getty Images

Is Donald Trump 'draining the swamp'?

Dec 14, 2016
We checked in with one nonpartisan organization.
President-elect Donald Trump speaks at the "USA Thank You Tour 2016" at the Wisconsin State Fair Exposition Center on Tuesday.

Bannon and Trump: Cromwell and King Henry VIII

Nov 18, 2016
If you'll indulge us, it's time for a quick history lesson.
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's campaign CEO Steve Bannon attends a campaign rally at the W.L. Zorn Arena November 1, 2016 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images