Mexican President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum's next steps on energy could make waves in the U.S.

Jul 4, 2024
Whether Sheinbaum follows her predecessor’s lead or strikes a new path could have significant implications for the U.S., particularly for Texas.
Mexico's president-elect Claudia Sheinbaum on June 24.
Lennin Domínguez/ObturadorMX/Getty Images

Rural paramedics are making routine house calls to avoid costly emergency room visits

Jun 28, 2024
Experts say community paramedicine programs, which involve paramedics checking in on people with known health issues before an emergency happens, can cut costs and ease strains on health care systems in rural areas.
Paramedic Alexandria Hollenbeck and Terlingua Fire and EMS Chief Susan Martin are involved in the first community paramedicine program in rural Terlingua, Texas.
Travis Bubenik/Marfa Public Radio

In far west Texas, a disappearing river poses a challenge to tourism 

Jun 6, 2024
The Rio Grande has gone dry in the Big Bend region, forcing the industry to adapt — less boating and more hiking and biking.
An area of dry Rio Grande riverbed. Because the Rio Grande is a binational river, it is managed jointly by Mexico and the U.S.
Zoe Kurland/Marfa Public Radio

Does Texas need its own stock exchange?

Jun 5, 2024
It’s not so much about Texas, but getting away from the growing list of NYSE and Nasdaq rules imposed in recent years, one expert says.
The planned Texas Stock Exchange is backed by heavy-hitter investors including BlackRock and Citadel Securities.
Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

Texas' high tech sector buzzes along amid industry downturn

May 22, 2024
High tech represents nearly 5% of state GDP and more than 9% of employment. What makes the state's sector so resilient?
Charging stations at Tesla's corporate headquarters in Austin. High tech jobs have flourished around Austin, thanks to investments from companies like Tesla.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Texans brace for high electric bills as temperatures rise

May 21, 2024
In Houston, the energy capital of the world, low prices are not a given. Experts would like to see more capacity and more conservation.
To manage her electricity bills, Robin Wright said she uses air conditioning sparingly. Many Texans are trying to adapt to summertime heat spikes.
Elizabeth Trovall/Marketplace

Bad weather, bad news for homeowners seeking insurance in Texas

May 21, 2024
More severe weather events means higher rates and more Texans forced into state insurance plans.
Over the last year, Anna Stafford with the Texas FAIR Plan Association has seen a nearly 32% increase in people turning to last-resort insurance policies. Above, storm damage in Houston on May 17.
Logan Riely/Getty Images

For public good, not for profit.

How a new house turned into a "starter, middle, and ending" home for this Texas woman

May 10, 2024
"I'm just attached to it because it's taken care of me and I'm taking care of it," said Violet O'Brien on why she's choosing to age in place in her Houston home.
Violet O'Brien has decided to age in place in her Houston home.
Courtesy Violet O'Brien

Amtrak wants to build a bullet train in Texas. Could it kickstart a rail revolution?

May 10, 2024
The project would cut the Dallas-to-Houston trip to 90 minutes. It’s one of a few high-speed rail projects that’s been getting attention lately.
Japan Central’s N700 high-speed train, above, would be the same train used for the Texas Central railway between Houston and Dallas.
Courtesy Texas Central

Millions more Americans travel to bird-watch. Texas businesses are cashing in.

May 8, 2024
Up to 10,000 birders visit High Island each spring, boosting business for the small restaurants and motels near and along the coastal area.
Visitors watch for warblers and other migratory birds at the Boy Scout Woods bird sanctuary in High Island, Texas.
Elizabeth Trovall/Marketplace