How the TV business has changed since the first episode of "Law & Order" in 1990

Feb 24, 2022
The show is returning to a radically different environment, economically and culturally.
The '90s cast of "Law & Order," from left: Jerry Orbach (Det. Lennie Briscoe), Angie Harmon (Asst. D.A. Abbie Carmichael), Sam Waterston (Exec. Asst. D.A. Jack McCoy) and Jesse L. Martin (Det. Edward Green) in 1999. Waterston returns as McCoy in the show, which faces a much different TV landscape these days.
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How product placement worked on "Supermarket Sweep"

Oct 16, 2020
With a reboot of the show launching this weekend, we talked to the producers and writers of the hit '90s version about that inflatable Jolly Green Giant and jumbo Pillsbury Doughboy.
Courtesy of Jim Donnelly