The hefty costs of heavier cars

The trend of bigger, weightier vehicles — known as car bloat — has contributed to road fatalities and environmental contamination.
Over 80% of new vehicles these days are SUVs and pickup trucks, said David Zipper of the MIT Mobility Initiative. Bigger vehicles have bigger impacts on safety and the environment.
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What's driving car prices ever higher?

Apr 6, 2023
The new entry-level price for a new vehicle is $25,000, auto research site Edmunds says.
Ford is one automaker that has moved its focus from smaller, more affordable sedans to trucks and SUVs.
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Ford Motor Co. will phase out its traditional sedans in North America

Apr 26, 2018
Ford Motor Co. announced it’s going to stop making cars for the North American market, save the Mustang and Focus Active. The automaker plans to phase out five of its cars to focus on SUVs, trucks and crossovers. Dan Neil writes about cars for the Wall Street Journal. He talked with Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal about […]

These 6 charts show our love affair with cars could be over

Dec 19, 2014
With gas prices down, we're tilting toward bigger cars but still driving less.