Supply chain hiccups are causing overstocks, not just shortages

Aug 6, 2021
Too much inventory, a headache for some retailers, can be a boon for others.
Supply chain bottlenecks have become the reality recently. While many face shortages, some businesses are benefiting from the opposite: overstock.
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The U.S. trade deficit got smaller in April but a wider lens shows a less rosy picture

Jun 6, 2018
Fluctuations in the trade deficit coupled with recent trade tensions cause a rebalancing of trade flow.

China's 11 million tons of cotton might lead to cheaper jeans

Mar 17, 2016
China's 11 million metric ton stockpile of cotton is causing a fall in market prices.
Cotton pickers harvest a crop of cotton at a field in Hami, in China's far west Xinjiang region on September 20, 2011, The Chinese government planned a market-control strategy designed to support cotton farmers, with a sudden decline in export orders for China-made textiles and garments which in turn affect domestic cotton prices. Now they have too much.  
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The government is literally buying tons of cranberries

Nov 26, 2014
34,000 tons, to be exact. Happy Thanksgiving.

The current state of state finances

Jan 16, 2014
Most states are doing good when it comes to their balance sheet, even capturing that elusive word -- surplus!

CBO estimates $112 billion federal surplus for April

May 10, 2013
Pinch yourself. You're not dreaming.