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What you learn from sheep on Twitter and Instagram

Nov 7, 2016
James Rebanks comes from a long line of shepherds and shares photos from his daily life on Twitter and Instagram.
James Rebanks/The Shepherd's View

Should sheepherders get a pay raise?

Oct 1, 2015
They are mostly immigrant guest workers who don't make minimum wage.
Most sheepherders in the U.S. are immigrant guest workers who are not subject to the federal minimum wage. The department of labor is looking into a pay raise.
Joe Mahoney/Rocky Mountain PBS I-News

Siri gets a new cousin: Meet Nina

Aug 7, 2012
A new voice recognition program for apps might run into the same frustrating problems.

In the English countryside, no sheep is safe

Dec 26, 2011
More than 60,000 sheep have gone missing in the UK this year - three times the usual number - as the rising price of Lamb presents opportunity for thieves.

The sheepish sheepdog

Jun 27, 2011
It reads almost like the plot line of a Woody Allen movie: There's a new workplace hazard for Ci, a Border Collie, who was born and bred to herd ...