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California will be a battleground for the rent control debate this November

Jul 10, 2018
According to a poll, 60 percent of California voters favor limits on how much landlords can charge.
A "For Rent" sign is seen on a building Hollywood, California, May 11, 2016.

The basic rules of buying a house

Jun 1, 2018
You have to afford more than a mortgage.
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Rent or own? The affordability conundrum

Jan 12, 2018
“Comparing whether to buy or rent is really picking the lesser of two affordability evils,” says ATTOM Data Solutions' vice president.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

The do's and don'ts of saving money

Jun 9, 2017
Also, how can you plan for your dream home?
Furlong/Getty Images

Half of all U.S. renters are over 40

Dec 11, 2015
Hit hard by the housing crisis, middle aged households are increasingly renting.

Micro-unit apartments: Tiny and booming

Aug 29, 2014
Cities experiment to accommodate the glut of singles and childless couples.

High rents, low income

Mar 13, 2013
It’s becoming harder, especially in certain cities, for low-income people to find affordable rental housing.

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Paradigm change: Young people and home ownership

Aug 10, 2012
Buying into the American Dream? Renting for life? For younger people, home ownership is less cut-and-dry than it was a generation ago.

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