Health and civil rights: an iconic family counts the costs

Apr 4, 2023
Lee Hawkins, host of an upcoming podcast from APM Studios, talks about how racism can affect victims' health outcomes.
Children of Martin Luther King Jr. with their mother Coretta Scott King in February 1964. A new APM Studios podcast delves the health toll the fight against racism took on Dr. King's family even after his assassination.
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How home appraisal methods can end up perpetuating racial inequality

Nov 2, 2022
There's a significant gap between the appraised price of homes in white neighborhoods and that of similar homes in communities of color, and it's getting worse, one study says.
A new report details racial inequity in home appraisals – and how it's growing.
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What would the Biden administration's new plan do to fight racial bias in home appraisals?

Mar 24, 2022
The plan offers a number of steps to improve oversight of the home appraisal industry, and train appraisers.
Though the Fair Housing Act requires appraisers not to discriminate based on race, there are still big discrepancies between the value of homes owned by white versus Black or Latinx households.
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