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Private labels are gaining fans among the public

Feb 15, 2024
With price increases hitting major brands, many retailers are creating their own private label products and their popularity is growing.
This week, Target announced it's revamping its Up&Up store brand. Persistent inflation may provide a lift to generics.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

How store brands went from shamed to chic

Aug 17, 2022
Once seen as low quality and unattractive, generics have undergone a makeover to private-label "exclusive."
"Often the consumers don’t think of the Trader Joe's private label as a private label," says Dartmouth professor Kusum Ailawadi. "They think of it as exclusive products that I can’t find anywhere."
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Store brands are becoming more popular during the pandemic

Feb 8, 2021
And not just because they're more affordable.
The stigma of buying generic simply isn't there anymore, generally speaking.
David Ryder/Getty Images

Target seeks grocery lift from private-label foods

Aug 16, 2016
Target wants its in-house food brands to boost its grocery business.
Target culinary development scientist Catherine Potter experiments with a recipe that will go on the back of a package of meatballs under the store’s Simply Balanced brand. Target has been investing more energy in its in-house brands as it seeks to boost grocery sales.
Jeff Thompson/Marketplace