Ten percent of holiday gifts end up getting returned

Dec 27, 2016
But retailers might actually want you to return gifts
Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Used wrapping paper not much of a gift to the recycling market

Dec 26, 2016
It can be more trouble than it's worth.
David Everett Strickler/Visualhunt

A Father's Day gift for the dad who has (and eats) everything

Jun 5, 2013
How does Oscar Meyer spell Father's Day? B-A-C-O-N

Why I don't buy presents for kids

Dec 21, 2012
Commentator Logan Sachon loves her 2-year-old nephew dearly. She shows it by never, ever buying him presents.

Every dog has its day

Feb 9, 2011
They sound like royalty -- sporting the latest designer accessories, adorned in Swarovski crystal, receiving over $6,000 in presents for Christmas...