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Fine art: a playground for the superrich

Dec 8, 2022
Since the blockbuster auction of Paul Allen's collection, the art market might be losing some of the wind in its sails.
David Hockney's "The Conversation," part of the collection of the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. But fine art adviser Lisa Austin thinks a market slowdown may be imminent.
Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

Idea Man: A Memoir by the Cofounder of Microsoft

Apr 18, 2011
Title: Idea Man: A Memoir by the Cofounder of Microsoft Author: Paul Allen Publisher: Portfolio Hardcover Type: Non Fiction Released: April 1...

Paul Allen on Microsoft and his relationship with Bill Gates

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Video: Paul Allen, the 60 Minutes Interview

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Paul Allen renews lawsuit against everyone everywhere for doing everything

Dec 29, 2010
The Microsoft co-founder has been actively suing the following companies for a while now: Apple, Google, Facebook, eBay, AOL, Netflix, Yahoo,...