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New Georgia reactor is a test case for nuclear power

Jul 31, 2023
Advocates call nuclear power essential to a carbon-free future. But the project took much longer, and cost much more, than planned.
Unit 3, left, of the Plant Vogtle nuclear power station. The reactor began generating energy Monday.
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NuScale, compact nuclear plant developer, plans to go public

Jan 12, 2022
The company has created a modular design it says makes financial sense. Though carbon-free, nuclear remains controversial.
An artist’s rendering of a NuScale Power nuclear facility. Though the energy source is carbon-free, accidents like the disaster at Fukushima, Japan, have diminished its popularity.
Courtesy NuScale Power

Great Lakes community contemplates nuclear plant closure

May 1, 2017
Several nuclear plants are shutting down nationwide thanks to falling prices in the energy sector.
Palisades Nuclear Plant sits on the shore of Lake Michigan in Covert, Michigan.
Rebecca Thiele

Japan prepares to restart its nuclear power plants

Aug 7, 2015
The country's safety culture needed updating to prevent a Fukushima-type disaster.