Clear Channel takes down billboards in path of Sandy

Oct 30, 2012
Businesses in the path of Sandy are taking whatever measures they can to avoid damage: Clear Channel has dispatched crews across the east coast to remove billboards as a precautionary measure.

UPDATED: Superstorm Sandy: Doing the numbers

Oct 30, 2012
As Hurricane Sandy makes it's way up the East Coast of the United States, damage estimates of $10 to $20 billion are beginning to trickle in.

Staying open for Hurricane Sandy

Oct 29, 2012
Businesses in the path of Hurricane Sandy are preparing for anything but business-as-usual -- for some shops storms are good for business.

Utilities in Northeast brace for hurricane damage

Oct 26, 2012
Utilities spent billions a year ago repairing lines and equipment damaged by storms Irene and Alfred -- and were roundly criticizing for leaving many people without power for days. They're intent on being prepared for Sandy.

Tips on homeowners insurance in severe weather country

Sep 5, 2012
If you live in a state that suffers from severe weather, finding good homeowners insurance is getting more difficult as weather patterns grow more extreme. So what do you do if the insurance company drops you?
Claudia and Richard Launey board up their home before Hurricane Isaac, which still bears a marking from Hurricane Katrina, on Aug. 28, 2012 in New Orleans, La.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

New Orleans stocks up to ride out Isaac

Aug 27, 2012
Since Katrina, the city has focused on evacuation as a response to hurricanes. This time the advice is to stay put, with a few days' emergency supplies. Stores respond as best they can.

Preparing for emergencies at the workplace

Apr 13, 2012
A new survey reveals that more than half of all businesses aren't concerned about or prepared for possible disasters. Here are some ways to prepare.

For public good, not for profit.

Illinois to appeal FEMA disaster decision

Mar 13, 2012
After February's devastating tornadoes, the feds say "no" to extra aid.

Tornado influx hurts communities in South, Midwest

Mar 6, 2012
They're mourning loved ones and assessing damage across the Midwest and South this week, in the aftermath of as many as 80 tornadoes, that left 40 people dead.

The economic impact of catastrophe

Jan 17, 2012
Economy 4.0's David Brancaccio discusses the economic impact of things like natural disasters and terrorist attacks -- and how companies should prepare.