Napa Valley's vineyards are in "climate crisis," winemaker says

Oct 3, 2022
Between heat waves, droughts and wildfires, the grapes of California's wine region are suffering nature's wrath. Producers are trying to adapt.
The climate crisis, which worsens drought and wildfires, is changing agriculture. That includes vineyards.
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How to be a winemaker

Jan 12, 2018
According to winemaker Elizabeth Vianna, making wine is more scientific and less romantic than most people think.
Chimney Rock Winery in Napa Valley, CA, where Elizabeth Vianna is the winemaker and general manager. 
Courtesy Chimney Rock Winery

How Charles Shaw wine became Two Buck Chuck

Apr 18, 2017
It wasn't always cheap, and it wasn't always sold by Trader Joe's.
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Napa Valley insists: It's in California, not Texas

Sep 9, 2016
A loophole allows out-of-state winemakers to use the prestigious name if the grapes were imported.
A loophole in federal regulations allows a winemaker to label its bottles "Napa Valley” as long as the grapes came from Napa and the wine is sold only within the winemaker’s state. 
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Study says Napa Valley immigrants pay their way

May 7, 2012
A new study reveals that immigrants in Napa Valley, Calif., get out of the system about as much as they pay into it, despite rumors to the contrary.

In Napa, civic leaders try to grow a Hispanic middle class

Dec 13, 2011
California community takes an innovative approach to move Hispanic immigrants up the economic ladder