Military contractors and the profits of war

Aug 16, 2021
DynCorp International, KBR and Fluor Corp. often operated under no-bid military contracts, which granted them monopolies on huge deals.
Soldiers and civilian contractors sort through supplies near Gardez, Afghanistan, in 2014.
Scott Olson via Getty Images

What growing up in a company town is like when the company is the U.S. government

Aug 13, 2018
In her new memoir, Karen Piper details growing up near the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station.
Duplexes at the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake circa 1948 
J.R. Eyerman/Getty Images

Are military contracts a path to more American jobs?

Nov 6, 2017
President Donald Trump prides himself on being deal-maker-in-chief, and that includes arms sales to foreign militaries. In Japan for his Asia trip, the president said the Japanese could shoot North Korean missiles out of the sky when they buy “lots of additional military equipment” from the U.S. He also said that would mean lots of […]