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Why your doctor still relies on fax machines

Dec 27, 2017
The answer: a combination of work culture and well-intended policy gone awry.
In a scene from "Office Space," Ron Livingston, left, David Herman and Ajay Naidu take their revenge on the office fax machine.
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Making it easier to remember doctors' orders

Jan 26, 2016
Some doctors are videotaping patient visits, but there are drawbacks.

Doctors prepare for new codes to catalog illnesses

Sep 28, 2015
The updated system will provide more detail and data for health experts.

Doctor housecalls are back with the click of button

Aug 10, 2015
Heal promises an MD in an hour for $99. Renee Dua is the mother of the invention.

Designing battlefield technology to save lives

Feb 5, 2014
Usually the technology of war is focused on destroying life, but one start up is working on inventions to save it.