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After a tough year, manufacturing has reasons to be hopeful

Jan 5, 2024
Activity in the sector contracted last year, but federal investment is one of the factors that could make 2024 better.
The federal government has invested billions in infrastructure and clean energy production, which should give manufacturers a boost in 2024. Above, a wind turbine manufacturing facility.
Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

Holding excess inventory keeps getting pricier for this manufacturer

As the global supply chain smooths out its kinks, warehouse costs are top of mind for the Legacy Companies.
For large manufacturers, storing excess inventory means paying growing warehouse fees.
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

How does a manufacturer for manufacturers view today's economy?

Feb 15, 2023
Blake Moret, chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation, says that the manufacturing sector remains strong despite a recent slowdown.
For Rockwell Automation head Blake Moret, the manufacturing sector is remaining strong thanks to order backlogs and government funding from legislation passed during Biden's presidency.
Eric Piermont/AFP via Getty Images

Manufacturing sector shows more signs of cooling

Jan 24, 2023
Monthly data from the Federal Reserve shows a slowdown in shipments, new orders and employment in the sector.
The manufacturing sector added only 8,000 jobs per month in November and December — well below the average of 32,000.
Megan Jelinger/Getty images