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After months of glut, manufacturers now say inventories are almost "too low"

Jul 6, 2023
Manufacturers surveyed by the Institute for Supply Management said that their clients’ inventories shrank in June. But how low is too low?
Low inventory levels could be a sign that manufacturers are doing a good job of handling the economic slow down.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

As EV sales accelerate, battery makers face a new shortage of a crucial mineral: graphite

Nov 3, 2022
The stuff in pencils accounts for more than half of the mineral demand in a lithium cell battery. Most graphite is imported from China.
Ford reports that it's seen an uptick in demand for EVs, but manufacturers are facing a shortage of graphite. Above, a logo on Ford's electric F-150 Lightning truck.
Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images

Tariff price hikes may be seen but supply chains are often opaque

Sep 19, 2018
When it comes to tariffs, consider today T minus five. In five days, more than 5,000 types of goods from China will be added to a list of tariffs imposed by the United States. That likely means higher prices for leather handbags. Fruit juice. Rain jackets. We may be surprised by what’s on the list. […]

What effect are tariffs having on the solar power industry?

Jun 7, 2018
With all the talk of steel and aluminum you might have forgotten that tariffs were already placed on foreign-made solar panels. Reuters is reporting that the tariffs have resulted in $2.5 billion in projects being frozen or cancelled, which far outweighs benefits to American solar manufacturers. But it’s still not clear what the lasting impact […]