Some low-income families may not be receiving child tax credit money

Sep 17, 2021
By one estimate, some 4 million children and their families may be missing out on the payments.
A student carries home free bagged meals as part of Stamford, Connecticut's COVID response in March 2020. Funds from the child tax credit may not be making it to low-income families, a new study shows.
John Moore via Getty Images

If you give a kid an iPad...

Aug 21, 2014
The ACLU sues a school district in Massachusetts over its tablet policies.

Dad's income a predictor of his kids'

Jun 15, 2012
Americans have less economic mobility across generations than those in most other rich developed countries.

Financial literacy and low-income families

Apr 6, 2012
Low-income families don't have money to waste. Financial literacy is all about reducing that cost.