What our kitchens say about us

May 8, 2019
Granite countertops are losing ground to quartz.
A display at Thurston Kitchen and Bath in Denver, Colo. features sprawling quartzite countertops.
Amy Scott/Marketplace

Cooking with chef Geoffrey Zakarian at Georgie in Beverly Hills

Jun 15, 2016
The New York chef and Food Network personality made his way to the West Coast with Georgie and the Garden Bar.

Geoffrey Zakarian making ahi poke at his new restaurant, Georgie. 

Nancy Farghalli/Marketplace

Selling a product that never has to be replaced

Apr 3, 2015
How to make products that last forever and still turn a profit.

Dealing with the dirty office kitchen: Grime and crime

Apr 5, 2013
What do the dirty dishes and moldy leftovers at your office kitchen say about you and workplace culture?