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Observations of Kim Jong-Il's funeral

Dec 28, 2011
The body of North Korea's Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il was driven through Pyongyang today -- in none other than a U.S.-made Lincoln Continental?

A country without an economy

Dec 19, 2011
After six decades under a bungling dictatorship, North Korea is a country with virtually no economy at all.

After Kim Jong-Il, uncertainty for future of North Korea

Dec 19, 2011
Kim Jong-Il, the leader of North Korea, has passed away, leaving room for much uncertainty in his country.

Where North Korea's economy stands today

Dec 19, 2011
Under Kim Jong-Il, North Korean society was sharply divided between rich and poor, and great emphasis was put on building up the military.

North Korea will go about 'business as usual'

Dec 19, 2011
With inflation soaring, the last few years have been particularly difficult for the North Korean people, and that isn't likely to change right away

The online future of North Korea

Dec 19, 2011
Will Kim Jong-Il's death mean North Koreans can get connected?

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The state of North Korea's economy

Dec 19, 2011
North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il left the economy of his country in shambles, with a sharp divide between the rich and poor.

What Kim Jong-Il's successor could do for North Korea

Dec 19, 2011
Now that Kim Jong-Il is no longer the leader, questions remain as to what direction his son Kim Jong-Un will to to help, or hurt, his country.

U.S. economic relationship with North Korea unlikely to change

Dec 19, 2011
The death of Kim Jong-Il still leaves much to be determined before the U.S. will ever remove sanctions against North Korea and engage in an economic relationship with the country