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The pandemic delayed milestones in millennials' lives

Nov 8, 2022
Everyone lost time, but for millennials, they were years often marked by dating, marriage and family formation.
An embryologist works at a reproductive medicine center. More women are freezing their eggs, preparing to create families at a later date.
Ivan Couronne/AFP via Getty Images

IVF, adoption, surrogacy: How are you building your family?

Oct 31, 2019
Let us know how money has factored into your decisions about how or whether to build your family.
Gordon Lake and Manuel Valero had their daughter  Carmen via a surrogate in Thailand. They then went through a 15-month court battle with the surrogate over custody.
Lillian Suwanrumpha/AFP via Getty Images

The cost of building a family using donor sperm

Oct 24, 2019
Malkia and Nick Hutchinson-Arvizu are hoping to expand their family, but are struggling with the price tag.
Malkia and Nick Hutchinson-Arvizu outside their home in Houston.
William Chambers/Marketplace

Making in vitro births safer and less costly

Mar 31, 2014
A new statement says IVF practice can cause problems

The rising cost of infertility

Sep 13, 2013
It's getting more and more expensive to make a baby.