Business reactions to Biden Administration tariffs vary widely

Jun 26, 2024
Some businesses say the new tariffs will put them on a level playing field with Chinese exporters. Others see little advantage.
Biden is keeping many  Trump-era tariffs and introducing new ones, including lithium ion batteries, electric vehicles and feeding tube parts. 
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How new China tariffs could affect prices for U.S. business owners, consumers

May 14, 2024
When tariffs increase, costs often go up for business owners, who often then pass some of those increased costs along to consumers.
The Biden administration worries that importing Chinese EVs will hurt U.S. manufacturers, said Howard Gleckman with the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center.
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The U.S. exports more petroleum than it imports. So why are we importing at all?

May 13, 2024
It's largely about the chemistry of the oil and the mechanics of the refineries. In many cases, importing foreign crude is cheaper.
An oil pumpjack in Texas. Importing foreign crude oil is often cheaper for the United States.
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The fallout from a strong dollar

Apr 29, 2024
U.S. exports become more expensive overseas, but imported goods become cheaper here in the U.S.
A stronger dollar makes  imported goods cheaper, meaning American consumers can buy more stuff.
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Import prices rose more slowly in February. That could help bring down inflation.

Mar 15, 2024
The Labor Department reported that the price of imported goods rose 0.3% in February compared to 0.8% the month before.
Prices at the import level can affect prices that show up in other inflation data.
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Americans bought fewer Chinese imports in 2023, but Chinese exporters aren't necessarily hurting

Feb 8, 2024
We bought more imports from Mexico — and Chinese companies have been investing heavily there.
U.S. imports from China. were down more than 20% in 2023 compared to the previous year.
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The dollar's falling back to Earth as other countries raise their own interest rates

Aug 22, 2023
A year ago, U.S. exporters were complaining that the dollar was too strong. Not anymore.
A weaker U.S. dollar could help companies that export, while importers might have to pay more for the products they bring in.
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For public good, not for profit.

Falling import prices are good news in the fight against inflation

Jul 14, 2023
It's mostly down to the falling price of oil, but the ingredients and materials manufacturers use are getting cheaper too.
"Lowered prices for imported inputs are going to show up as lowered prices for domestically produced goods," says economics professor Robert Johnson of Notre Dame.
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U.S. imports rise in April, but share of goods from China decreases

Jun 8, 2023
The share of goods the U.S. imports from China has declined to its lowest level since 2006, as manufacturers and retailers seek to diversify their supply chains.
China continues to be a big player in the EV space with its patents and lithium supply. Above, a lithium battery manufacturing company in China's Anhui province.
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A strong dollar is hurting exports, helping imports and expanding the trade deficit

Feb 7, 2023
The dollar's strong because the Federal Reserve's been raising interest rates.
American exports have been hurt by the slowing global economy and the strong dollar. Above, a container ship at Cuxhaven, Germany.
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