The hard work — and perks — of running an Alaskan sled dog kennel

Mar 25, 2022
David Monson, owner of a sled dog kennel, says racing in Alaska’s wilderness is “a magical experience.”
David Monson, owner of Trail Breaker Kennel, doesn't think of his job as work. "I look at it as the opportunity to experience what a lot of people don’t.”
Photo courtesy Tekla Monson

The "Last Great Race on Earth" requires a lot of cash and commitment

Mar 6, 2020
With an entry fee of $4,000 and a guaranteed win of $1,049, racing in the Iditarod requires a lot of cash and commitment.
The annual Iditarod is a 1,000-mile sled dog race in Alaska. Schroder

Iditarod rule change limits what mushers can say

Mar 11, 2016
Mushers can't make statements “injurious…to the best interests of the race”
Mushers in the Fur Rondy sprint race barrel down a hill in downtown Anchorage ahead of the official start of the race, part of a week of festivities leading up to the Iditarod.
Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media

Fun Fact Friday: Much ado about macaroni and cheese

Mar 20, 2015
A look at the week that was plus a few fun facts from this week in news.

Want to run the Iditarod? You'll need a lot of scratch

Mar 18, 2015
It costs as much as $100,000 to keep a kennel of sled dogs running year-round.