Buying in a soft market

Jan 1, 2007
According to some real estate experts, there's no better time than now to purchase a home. But a soft market doesn't necessarily make it a comfy one, as Janet Babin reports.

Housing bubble had a slow leak in 2006

Dec 27, 2006
Is the decline of the housing market the leading edge of an economic downturn? Host Bob Moon and Marketplace's Tess Vigeland look at the conflicting indicators tied to this year's slowing home sales.
Newly constructed homes at a housing development in Novato, Calif.
Justin Sullivan (c) Getty Images

New home sales caveat

Dec 27, 2006
November's new home sales numbers are due out today. They're expected to be up slightly, but that might not mean much. Rico Gagliano explains.

Housing market past, present and future

Dec 26, 2006
2006 was a sea change year for housing in the U.S. As interest rates rose, we watched demand flatten and the advantage turn from sellers to buyers — so what does 2007 hold?

House swap

Dec 25, 2006
You've got a bungalow in Spain. They've got a brownstone in New York. And both of you are thinking 'Let's trade properties for a little R&R vacation.' Tess Vigeland calculates the cost of a swap.
Beach homes in Malibu
David McNew, Getty Images

Headed for a mortgage meltdown

Dec 20, 2006
A new study predicts that one in five Americans with subprime mortgages, about two million of them, could face losing their home to foreclosure. Dan Grech reports.

Markets get an early present in new-home data

Dec 19, 2006
Housing starts were up for November, after a decline the previous month. Some of the biggest home builders now see the housing market stablilizing. But it all might add up to a big lump of coal. Sarah Gardner reports.

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A 'dead cat bounce' on Wall Street?

Dec 19, 2006
Analysts are expecting positive numbers when the government releases November housing starts and wholesale prices today, but the good news may be temporary. Sarah Gardner reports.

Mexico's housing market is on the rise

Dec 12, 2006
America's housing market may be slumping but across the border in Mexico houses are going up in record numbers. The folks fueling the market have one foot in each country and benefit from new credit opportunities. Laura Belous reports.

Local budgets rise and fall with housing

Nov 29, 2006
Declining home values aren't just bad for the families who need to sell. They also hurt cities and counties that rely on property taxes for their budgets. Hillary Wicai reports.