February cyberattack causes chronic pain for health care industry

May 20, 2024
When malicious hackers stole data from Change Healthcare and demanded a ransom, providers lost an estimated $100 million per day early on.
Change Healthcare processes between a third and a half of all medical insurance claims in the U.S. and is still working to get its services running smoothly.
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Why one New York health system stopped suing its patients

May 14, 2024
Most U.S. hospitals aggressively pursue patients for unpaid bills. One New York hospital system decided to work with them instead.
Nationally, nearly half of adults are unable to cover a $500 medical bill without going into debt, a 2022 KFF poll found.
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Lawmakers and hospitals are divided on providing free care for tax breaks

Nonprofit hospitals say legislative efforts that require them to provide more free care could hurt the people they are intended to help.
Nonprofit hospitals in the U.S. provided $16 billion in charity care in 2020, according to health policy research group KFF, while receiving $28 billion in tax breaks.
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Nursing leaders are leaving their jobs amid broader industry shortage

Mar 5, 2024
Close to one third of hospital nurse leaders may leave in the next year, per a survey from AMN Healthcare, a major healthcare talent acquisition firm.
Nearly a third of hospital nurse leaders may leave in the next year, a survey from AMN Healthcare finds.
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Health care costs were a main driver of inflation in September

Oct 27, 2023
Rising costs for prescriptions and hospital services were felt in latest PCE report, though health inflation has been mild in the past year.
By the end of the decade, health care is expected to account for about a fifth of the U.S. economy.
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High-ranking hospital system disengages from U.S. News listing

Jun 26, 2023
University of Pennsylvania Health System stops participation in U.S. News’ rankings. But the list does influence some patients and insurers.
The University of Pennsylvania Health System's hospitals were often ranked in the top 20.
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Despite nurse shortage, tens of thousands are turned away from training programs

Jun 9, 2023
Bolstering educational infrastructure for prospective students can address the worsening nursing shortage.
Students at the University of Houston campus in Katy, Texas, train on a manikin.
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For public good, not for profit.

America’s rural hospitals are in the red

May 17, 2023
A new federal program is dropping rural hospitals a lifeline to keep emergency services available as they struggle to turn a profit.
Battle-tested nurse practitioner Peni Russell is among the bare-bones staff responsible for stabilizing sick and injured patients who come into the rural emergency hospital in San Augustine, Texas.
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Congress is looking at changes to Medicare. Hospitals aren't thrilled

A little-known payment change could save the federal government $150 billion over the next 10 years.
Right now, there are cases where Medicare pays hospitals more than double what it pays independent doctors for the same care.
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Some hospitals struggle as borrowing gets more expensive

May 8, 2023
Cash-strapped rural and medium-size hospitals are less prepared to absorb higher interest rates.
“Wages and labor pressures are increasing in hospitals unless they're able to find ways to cut back on staff or cut other expenses," said Krutika Amin of KFF.
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