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A look at a tax credit that saves historic buildings and revitalizes them

Feb 14, 2018
A tax credit that has helped to revitalize historic buildings across the U.S. was almost eliminated during the recent tax overhaul. But advocates for the tax credit pointed out that every congressional district has at least one historic tax credit project. Nationwide, more than 1,000 projects took advantage of this credit in 2017.

When historic buildings make economic sense

May 1, 2017
'We're not about ... turning everything into a museum,' says Stephanie Meeks of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
“People want more authenticity in their lives, in what they wear, in what they eat and in the kind of places they live. That's the kind of authenticity that historic buildings can bring to a city,” said Stephanie Meeks, CEO of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
Jeffrey Sauger