Higher salaries and signing bonuses make it a good time to be a new employee

Sep 27, 2021
From first-year investment bankers at Goldman Sachs to cashiers, fresh recruits are enjoying new incentives due to the U.S. labor shortage.
McDonald's is among the companies attempting to lure new hires. At some locations, starting cashiers can get a $500 signing bonus.
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Facing staff shortages, schools offer thousands in bonuses and retention incentives

Aug 9, 2021
With school starting up again soon in many places, school districts across the country are still scrambling to fill positions, an effort complicated by the delta variant.
A Stamford, Connecticut, educator teaches second grade in September 2020. Some schools are offering incentives to fill staff shortages.
John Moore via Getty Images

Bonuses may be key to enticing people back to the workforce

Jun 29, 2021
At least 10 states have started offering return-to-work bonuses, as have many employers, as workers look for incentives.
A man fills out an application for a hospitality job during a Zislis Group job fair in Torrance, California, on June 23. Employers at the job fair offered hiring incentives, including a $500 signing bonus.
Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images