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Brands in Space: What's behind the rush to advertise in the final frontier?

Apr 10, 2024
Big consumer brands are partnering with aerospace companies to market their products in the cosmos. But what’s the payoff back on earth?
When Intuitive Machines' lunar lander touched down on the moon in February, it was brandishing the Columbia Sportswear logo, part of an advertising partship with the outdoor apparel company.
GREGG NEWTON / Getty Images

For hotels, leisure travel is roaring back

Nov 3, 2021
Pleasure travel has helped the hotel industry emerge from the depths of the pandemic. But business travel has been slower to bounce back.
The Marriott and Hilton hotel chains recently posted improved financial results, largely on a rebound in leisure travel. Health risks are among the issues still restraining business travel.
Justin Heiman via Getty Images

Hilton appeals to millennials with new cheap and trendy hotel chain

Jul 7, 2017
Hilton opened its 5,000th hotel last month, but this one wasn’t one of the luxury properties the company is known for. The new hotel in Oklahoma City is the first in Hilton’s new low-cost brand called Tru. It’s part of a trend happening across the hospitality industry as major hotels look to bring in millennials.  […]

Hotels and online travel sites battle on discounts

Jul 11, 2016
To avoid online commissions, hotels offer loyalty members cheaper rates.
Hotels have to pay online travel agencies like Expedia, Travelocity and Priceline commissions that can range from 13-35 percent.
William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

The Hilton name, from Conrad to Paris

Apr 8, 2014
The Hiltons: An American dynasty?

Hilton's IPO and the future of the Hilton empire

Dec 11, 2013
Hilton Worldwide is prepping for its initial public offering.

Hilton CEO digs deep into foreign markets at Davos

Jan 24, 2013
Some of the attendees at Davos are there doing big business. And Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta has a free place to stay.

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