Nino Paoli

Washington, D.C. Intern


Nino Paoli is an editorial intern at Marketplace. Based in the D.C. bureau, he assists reporters with stories for the flagship "Marketplace" program.

A graduate from Oregon State University, Nino worked as a reporter for the campus newspaper, The Daily Barometer. After graduation, he worked as a reporter for a local paper in Eastern Oregon as part of a fellowship program run by the University of Oregon.

Far away from his hometown of Missoula, Montana, Nino enjoys living in new places and exploring cities one coffee shop at a time. If not moving from one short-term lease to another, you may find him playing soccer in a city league near you!

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Brands in Space: What's behind the rush to advertise in the final frontier?

Apr 10, 2024
Big consumer brands are partnering with aerospace companies to market their products in the cosmos. But what’s the payoff back on earth?
When Intuitive Machines' lunar lander touched down on the moon in February, it was brandishing the Columbia Sportswear logo, part of an advertising partship with the outdoor apparel company.
GREGG NEWTON / Getty Images