Letters: Do retirement calculators work?

Feb 1, 2013
How do you know when it's time to retire? How much do you need to retire? These are some of the questions you asked... we've got answers in our weekly letters segment.

Letters: How to negotiate a short sale

Jan 25, 2013
Glenn Kelman, CEO of real estate website Redfin, answers listeners questions about short sales, home renovations and what to do when your family outgrows its house.

Getting Personal: Health care, nursing, and investing

Mar 30, 2012
Host Tess Vigeland and David Lazarus from the L.A. Times answer your personal finance queries.
One way or another, if Americans want healthcare coverage, someone's going to have to pay.

Managing an IRA

Nov 11, 2011
Question: Where can I find information about managing my own retirement IRA: I believe I can do no worse than the "expert" who manages mine and...

The value in stocks

Nov 10, 2011
Question: I have a question that's more philosophical than practical, but it's something I've never received a satisfactory answer to. Assuming...

The loan forgiveness safety valve

Nov 9, 2011
Question: Having $138,000 in student loans at 9% I would pay just about $160,000 in interest if I go 20 years to get forgiveness for the loan. Is...

For public good, not for profit.

How big a down payment

Nov 8, 2011
Question: I am in my late 20s and have no debt. I have been working two jobs for a few years, one of which includes my housing. This has allowed me...

Credit counseling

Nov 8, 2011
Question: Heard Chris Farrell recommend a national credit counseling organization. Please remind me of the name of the organization? Jeff,...

Time for life insurance

Nov 7, 2011
Question: I'm 38, my wife is 33. Our only debt currently is a $350/month car payment and $120/month student loan payment. We currently rent but are...