First stop on the road to regulating AI? Finding humans to do the job.

Mar 25, 2024
Passing AI regulations wasn't easy for the EU. Finding people to enforce it may be even harder.
Because generative AI is so young, there isn’t a huge talent pool for regulatory offices to draw from. And big tech companies can pay way more than governments.
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A new EU law aims to tame tech giants. But enforcing it could turn out to be tricky.

Mar 7, 2024
It imposes hefty fines for scofflaws. But the commission charged with enforcing it has only 80 staffers.
Margrethe Vestager, executive vice president of 'A Europe Fit for the Digital Age' at the European Commission, talks to media in the Berlaymont building in Brussels, Belgium on Monday.
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Apple's new app store rules for EU are "complicated by design"

Feb 5, 2024
Apple's App Store has been a crown jewel for the company.
Apple's guidelines for third party app stores and payment systems in Europe  are complicated by design, says analyst Eric Seufert.
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What can Ireland teach us about worker productivity?

Dec 26, 2023
Ireland has been ranked the world's most productive country. In part, that was achieved by attracting foreign tech and pharma companies.
People walk near Google's offices in Dublin. The pricey products generated by tech companies in Ireland partially account for the country's worker productivity performance.
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The European Union takes aim at Chinese subsides for electric vehicles

Oct 4, 2023
The EU has opened a formal investigation and could impose penalties to "level the playing field," while China decries that step as "naked protectionism." European automakers are hoping to avoid the fate of Europe’s solar industry a decade ago, when it was mostly wiped out by low cost Chinese competitors.
EVs made by Chinese car brand BYD were on display the IAA Mobility 2023 international motor show in Munich, Germany. The EU just announced it will probe China's use of subsidies to grow its EV presence.
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Apple's new iPhone 15 is just one example of how EU regulation is changing tech

Sep 12, 2023
On issues from data privacy to content moderation, as Europe goes, so goes the tech industry.
Attendees of an Apple event look at the new iPhone 15 on Tuesday. The new iPhone features a USB-C charging port, a change that comes ahead of an EU law requiring common charging systems.
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Has Europe’s highest court made it harder to sanction the assets of Russian oligarchs?

Mar 10, 2023
Anti-money-laundering campaigners say that a recent decision by the European Court of Justice is a blow against financial transparency.
The European Court of Justice, seen above in Luxembourg, recently ruled against a series of registers of true ownership, which are designed to prevent wealthy individuals from hiding their assets.
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For public good, not for profit.

Europe could dodge a predicted recession, thanks largely to energy policy

Feb 13, 2023
Households and businesses cut consumption by 20%. A mild winter also helped. Conservation efforts and a warm winter helped.
The European economy still faces risks from Russia’s war in Ukraine, but somewhat less than a year ago when the war began,  says Cornell economist Eswar Prasad.
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Is Ireland too economically dependent on Big Tech to regulate it properly?

Jan 31, 2023
Ireland is at loggerheads with the European Union over the best way to police American tech giants with European headquarters on Irish soil.
The influx of Big Tech companies to Ireland has helped fuel  the country's economic growth. Above, Google's offices in Dublin.
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Can the EU break Google and Apple's app store dominance?

Dec 20, 2022
The European Union's Digital Markets Act could have implications beyond Europe's borders — even in the U.S., where similar bills didn't make it through Congress.
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