What will a Claudia Sheinbaum presidency mean for Mexico's economy?

President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum must grapple with a hefty budget deficit, brought about in part by spending on infrastructure and social programs.
President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum will become Mexico's first female president when she takes  office on Oct. 1.
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A markets regulator is concerned about bets on election results

Financial regulators are worried about derivatives markets — especially ones regarding elections.
"There's some concern that goes back to the election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, where people placed ... big bets that Mitt Romney would win," said the University of Michigan's Erik Gordon.
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Joint fundraising: A campaign strategy to increase contributions

In the lead-up to the 2024 general election, joint fundraising committees have collected $1 billion in contributions so far.
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How political ads try to shape the way we feel about the economy

Apr 3, 2024
Campaigns and advocacy groups may spend up to $17 billion on ads in 2024. Many pitches will focus on the local and the personal.
According to Tess McRae of the Parkside Group, successful messaging for incumbents will highlight smaller ways people’s lives have improved — like lower gas prices.
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When the local paper folds, who's left to cover the news?

Checking in with the remaining reporters in Val Verde County, Texas, three years after its last daily newspaper folded.
Del Rio, Texas, lost its daily newspaper in 2020. Media researchers have labeled Val Verde County, in which Del Rio is located, a "news desert." But that doesn't mean it's a complete vacuum of information.
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How voters in a Texas news desert get their information

Researchers have labeled 204 counties in America as "news deserts" — places that lack access to credible, reliable news sources. That includes Val Verde County, Texas.
Del Rio is county seat of Val Verde County, Texas — one of more than 200 counties in the U.S. classified as a "news desert."
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Why fake robocalls are sounding more and more real — and what's being done about it

How can consumers protect themselves from malicious AI? We'll dig in.
During New Hampshire's primary, some voters received phone calls that imitated President Joe Biden's voice and discouraged people from heading to the polls.
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For public good, not for profit.

4 states just voted to close a loophole that allowed slavery as punishment for a crime

Nov 10, 2022
But that might not change the way prisons use inmates as labor.
There were still a few states that utilized slavery and indentured servitude as punishment for crimes.
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Following Election Day, the economic story so far

Nov 9, 2022
Where the votes go could determine how investors — and their portfolios — could look at the U.S.
Voting booths are seen at Glass Elementary School's polling station in Eagle Pass, Texas, on November 8, 2022.
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The cost of getting citizen-led initiatives on the ballot has nearly doubled since 2020

To get a measure on the ballot, you need a campaign to collect signatures. That's gotten more expensive this election cycle.
The average cost for getting a citizen-led initiative on the ballot in states that allow for this has practically doubled from the 2020 election cycle to this year.
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