Former child soldiers find rehabilitation a hard road

Dec 29, 2014
Programs to rehabilitate child soldiers in Congo have mixed records.

Investing in coffee and the Congo

Dec 12, 2014
The CEO of a U.K.-based coffee supplier gives the Congo another go.

Miner vs. miner: A different kind of mineral conflict

Dec 11, 2014
In Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the advent of industrial mining has pros and cons.

Why the Congo is so dependent on the U.S. dollar

Dec 10, 2014
So why not adopt the dollar as the currency? There's a small, but simple, hitch.

The fog of war slowly lifts in the Congo

Dec 9, 2014
People lost everything when war swept across the Congo. But they're rebuilding.

The path of recovery from a violent past

Dec 9, 2014
Many women were victims of sexual violence during the Congo wars.

Ben Affleck on sustainable aid in the Eastern Congo

Dec 8, 2014
"We wanted to do something sustainable that would raise incomes and that would be there long after we were gone," Affleck says.

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