Immigrants around the world sent $445 billion back to their home countries last year

Jun 15, 2017
It’s not just Mexico and the U.S. that are affected by remittances, the UN reports.
It's not just U.S. money that makes its way around the globe in remittances. 
Ali Al-Saadi/AFP/Getty Images
Final Note

New dollar design will help visually impaired

Apr 20, 2016
New images and new ways to participate in the economy
The new bills will feature women and historical events, as well as new textures for the visually impaired. 
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

2015, the year of the high U.S. dollar

Jul 1, 2015
What does that mean for companies doing business overseas?

Why the Congo is so dependent on the U.S. dollar

Dec 10, 2014
So why not adopt the dollar as the currency? There's a small, but simple, hitch.
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Your money's worth more in Mississippi

Aug 20, 2014
Tax Foundation has mapped out the value of your $100 bill in each state.
Shelf Life

What money can't buy

May 2, 2012
Author Michael Sandel discusses what money shouldn't buy and the ethics of commodification.

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