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Unlimited data. No, really. Or at least, almost.

Aug 19, 2016
The competition between phone carriers is getting intense.
T-Mobile is set to offer plans with no data caps.

Wireless providers look for new revenue streams

Jan 21, 2016
Verizon is the latest company to announce a "free" data program.

AT&T brings unlimited data back

Jan 12, 2016
At least for now. But don't expect a widespread return to the pricing model.

A 1-800 number for data plans?

Jan 7, 2014
AT&T is offering companies the opportunity to pay for your smartphone’s data use.

Skype makes an international call, phone companies get paid

Feb 18, 2013
The free internet phone service has grabbed a huge chunk of the market for international calls.

Instagram's privacy backlash, and the dirty secret of data caps

Dec 19, 2012
A negative response to Instagram’s privacy setting changes, and a paper that calls the reasoning behind service provider data caps into question.

For public good, not for profit.

Verizon Wireless pricing bound to change online habits

Jun 13, 2012
Verizon Wireless announced it's scrapping unlimited data plans. The new pricing could force a change in our web surfing.

Verizon Wireless shifts focus to customer data usage

Jun 12, 2012
Verizon Wireless plans to scrap most of its phone plans. Instead, customers will pay for their monthly data usage by the "bucket."

AT&T's plan to thwart big data users

Mar 2, 2012
If you're one of the 17 million people who use AT&T for your mobile phone service, there will be no more unlimited data for you, even if that's what you signed up for.