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How is Best Buy's turnaround going?

Aug 25, 2015
The electronics chain has made progress since a new CEO came on board.

The biggest smartphone maker you've never heard of

Oct 30, 2014
Xiaomi is outselling Samsung and Apple in China.

Why the metals used in tech products are... irreplaceable

Dec 5, 2013
From smart phones to solar panels, tech equipment uses a lot of metals that don't have a good substitute.

CES: Not all about tech these days

Jan 4, 2013
The Consumer Electronics Show is drawing more non-tech companies.

Alan Wurtzel on why Circuit City went bust

Oct 23, 2012
Alan Wurtzel, son of the store's founder, details the transformation of the company over the years in his new book, “Good to Great to Gone: The 60 Year Rise and Fall of Circuit City”.

Japanese electronic companies suffer losses

Aug 2, 2012
In Japan, two big electronics companies are reporting disappointing earnings this morning. Sony is reporting a $316 million quarterly loss. And Sharp announced a $1.2 billion loss, which was much worse than expected.

Electronics withstand consumer confidence dip

Mar 27, 2012
Since the recession hit, we just haven't been shopping like we used to -- unless we're talking about electronics.
Apple employees carry boxes of new iPads that went on sale for the first time around the world on March 16, 2012 in New York City.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

For public good, not for profit.

Foxconn reform may lead to more changes in China

Feb 20, 2012
Electronics manufacturer Foxconn is taking steps to improve worker salaries and conditions after increasing international pressure to do so.

Sony: Downgraded, down-hearted... but also down with Dick Tracy.

Feb 9, 2012
The long-time king of consumer electronics is listing like the Costa Concordia. The foreign CEO who was supposed to right the ship is gone; today, S&P downgrades its debt into the BBB’s. Ouchy. The company known for innovation and quality (how long ago it seems, but they won the Blu-ray, HD-DVD war, remember?) has found […]