If you look hard, housing data offers good news

Jul 17, 2015
Numbers suggest recovery is gaining steam; banks may hold key to the next level.

High-end buyers boost Florida condo market

Jul 24, 2012
Empty nesters with money to spend are fueling something of a boom in Florida's vacation home market.

Condo buyers square off against foreign investors

Jun 25, 2012
The condo market is on the rise in hot cities like Miami. But that means competition from international buyers who bring cash.

The trade-off: Savings vs. mortgage

Apr 3, 2012
When I look at the interest rates on various savings accounts, they are all way lower than the 4.6 percent I'm being charged on my mortgage. I do recognize my condo as providing me with a service, and my minimum payment now is actually less than the rent I was paying on a studio 4 years ago! But, if I think of the equity I gain as a sort of savings account for a future upgrade, I'm just not sure how to compare my options. The simplified thought process I currently go through is that any extra I pay on my mortgage saves me 4.6 percent in interest that I would have to pay, while that same money would only earn me maybe 2 percent in a savings account, so it is better to save 4.6 percent by never having to pay it. Am I totally off? Erin, Boston, MA