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Do kids have too much stuff?

"Even more stuff started kind of flooding in during that window of time when going places wasn't really an option," says Washington Post feature writer Caitlin Gibson.
"I live in a small house, we don't have endless space. And it's okay to convey that to people," says Caitlin Gibson, features writer for The Washington Post.
Jon Cherry/Getty Images

The case for clutter

Journalist Rob Walker talks about the potential merits of keeping some of that old clutter around the house.
We might not want to rush and throw away all our trinkets, argues journalist Rob Walker.
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The worth of hanging on to your clutter

Nov 24, 2021
Director and producer Vincent Liota explores why some people aren't willing to get rid of their clutter in the new documentary "Objects"
A still life of three key objects in the film: Robert Krulwich’s grass, Rick Rawlin’s sugar egg and Heidi Julavits’ sweater.
Vincent Liota